election 2020

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The Indy 2020 Judicial Race Project

In our neverending effort to make elections more transparent for voters, we have here attempted to remove the veil from the least transparent elections of all. Judicial races are usually characterized by roadside signs saying nothing, fluffy TV ads and flashy mailers, with occasionally nasty campaigns, providing little illumination for voters who are mostly unfamiliar with the incumbents or challengers.

This project aims to change that.

Below you will find a list of general election contests in Clark County. (We will add races in Washoe County and others in future cycles, as we are able depending on resources.) We asked dozens of candidates to fill out detailed questionnaires and provide writing samples. Many responded; some did not, as you will see.

We are in the process of adding to these pages with analysis from some of the best lawyers in the state in partnership with William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV, which leant us some of their best and brightest to conduct research. We will not endorse candidates, but we hope to give you the tools to make an informed choice.

Never before has this much information been presented about judicial candidates before an election. We hope you take the time to look.